Egg Sculpture Painting Exhibition Part II

(Part I is here).

As promised, here are the rest of the awesome outfits from the egg sculpture painting exhibition. First, here are two close-ups of brilliant open scarves showing off gorgeous hair flowing through the front and back. In this case, the scarf is green, and the hair is red, while the coat is navy blue. Love the bird design on the egg as well!


Here, there are long blond curls flowing over a burgundy manteau out of a black scarf. There is also a girl in a knit burgundy scarf and a grey hoodie over a beige manteau- the look is utilitarian and it works! This egg is getting painted with flowery patterns, perfect for spring.


A more conventional blue and red plaid manteau and a grey scarf are worn for the painting of this egg with abstract patterns.


A leather jacket helps protect the baggy grey coat in this photo. My favorite part of the outfit is the green scarf (possibly leopard-print?). You can see even more eggs in this photo, and they are STUNNING.


Finally, a tea break – next to an egg with a tea cup painted on!  The coral pleated -skirt trench coat is stained with paint, but it protects the burgundy dress manteau (worn with leggings) underneath. The two shades of red go surprisingly well together. This is one of the best outfits of the whole set!


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