Taking Tulip Photos – Part I

The advent of spring brings with it flowers…namely, tulips…as well as photos of beautiful manteau styles, worn by women taking photos of the tulips…or even of themselves with the tulips in the background! The photo below is of the latter category – a selfie in which the woman’s purple and yellow scarf actually matches the color of the tulips behind her (and livens up an otherwise conventional all-black outfit).


Another selfie set against a purple and yellow tulip background involves a black coat with lace edging on the hem, a style that  was huge in 2006-07, and an orange-edged silk scarf tied low. I am pleasantly surprised to see that this style of coat is still out there!


Where would this post be without at least one Burberry plaid pattern scarf? Here it is, in grey or light blue, worn open by a girl posing for a photo among the red tulips.


Finally, a picture of someone actually photographing some lovely pink tulips- in a grey coat and navy blue scarf. Unfortunately, the photo is a bit dark…


The student outfits have made it here too, replete with classic black snoods, pushed back to show hair. This one involves a selfie stick, albeit of the miniature variety, and some very cool manteau- my personal favorites are the light pink one on the left and the grey knit dress manteau with the asymmetrical hem on the right.


Finally, you have to see this to believe this….yes, this is a manteau featuring a print of the Mona Lisa!!!! I wonder what Da Vinci would have to say about this whole thing…I know there’s been a post of the Mona Lisa in a Green Movement outfit, but nothing like what you can see below yet..until now! I have to say, it looks pretty awesome, and the red scarf matches the tulips beautifully! The navy sweater coat of the woman taking the picture is cool too.


Part II of this set is coming later…



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