Taking Tulip Photos – Part II

(see Part I here)

Here is the other set of beautiful manteaus worn by women taking photos of spring tulips in the parks…The pink tulips are barely visible in the photo below, but the black button-down sweater coat and ankle boots are amazing…as is the scarf + snood combo – blue scarf to match the jeans and the nail polish and black snood, worn pushed back, to match the rest.


The white coat is fairly nondescript, but the light pink and blue ombre scarf is very spring-like and fits nicely with the red tulips in the foreground.


Sometimes, one feels the need to text even among beautiful tulips….while wearing an awesome olive green outfit (coats, pants, and scarf)….and showing most of one’s beautiful glossy auburn hair!


This girl is having a photo  taken against a marvelous red tulip background…whiole wearing a super-colorful outfit, involving a patterned green tunic, multicolored scarf, and black leggings!


A field of stunning white tulips is being photographed by a girl in a Fair Isle-patterned sweater coat and beige scarf showing black hair…since this is a back view, I cannot see the rest of the outfit, unfortunately.


The only selfie to have made it to the set, this one is taken against some lovely historical buildings, as well as pink tulips, and involves a short belted blue manteau, jeans tucked into ankle boots, and a black scarf pushed far back to show red hair.


The crowning glory of the set is this stunning outfit – a coral trench coat worn open over a white belted tunic and jeans. It matches the burgundy shoes and brown scarf, pushed very far back by a red ponytail, perfectly. This style is definitely one of the best I have seen so far this year!





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