Just Walking in the Rain

This nice set features lovely manteau outfits being worn by women walking in the rain – hence the soft-focus of some of the shots. The couple below is beautiful- judging by the man’s backpack and the woman’s pushed-back snood and dark grey coat worn with jeans, these are university students.


Where would this set be without a Burberry plaid pattern showing up somewhere? In fact, in this set, it shows up twice – first, on the cuffs of the navy manteau worn by this woman with a loosely draped brown scarf….


and, second, on the red plaid scarf of this woman, looking so cool and mysterious beneath her umbrella!


This girl is wearing a red manteau and yellow scarf while walking between the raindrops 🙂


Finally, here are the classic springtime looks – a denim manteau and a black trench coat, both worn with black snoods pushed back. I really like the thick platform-soled shoes the girl in the denim coat wears….but the burgundy shoes worn by the girl in the black trench coat are nice too..




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