A Few Monochromatic Manteaus

Most of the looks here are interchangeable: monochromatic coat (black, blue, or green), pushed-back snood, jeans (or black pants), and sneakers. Well, almost…the blue coat below is a denim one; however, the green belted one is a classical fabric one though.


…and here, the woman in the blue manteau actually wears a colorful scarf, which is left fully open (she just holds it together with her hand so that the wind does not blow it away, but it still does not cover anything). The woman in the black manteau does not need to do this, as she wears a pushed-back snood (or coiled scarf?) instead.


Finally, one can see some yummy buns in a bag carried by the woman in the green manteau, black leggings on the woman in the black coat on the right, and…..recognize the scenery? Yes, it is once again the famous yellow-and-green fence, near which so many cool outfit photos were taken!