Three Outfits Out for a Walk

Yes, it’s yet another one of those “large group of people out for a walk” sets…and the outfits worn for that walk are awesome, such as this black manteau with gold cuffs on the elbow-length sleeves (with black long-sleeve top worn underneath). I also love the huge green scarf with rose print – even though the scarf is big enough to cover the entire chest, it still shows hair!


Classical comfortable spring outfit – a hoodie (Adidas in grey, in this case) over a manteau, which in this case, is actually a really interesting one – blue with beige flowers printed.  A pushed-back snood is tucked into the hoodie for warmth, and the brown lace-up boots look pretty cool.


Finally, here’s a cool outfit for a walk- black and white plaid manteau (worn open over a white top), white pants, white boots, and pushed0-back black snood…looks comfortable and so stylish!





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