The Book Fair Photos Begin

This is just the beginning of 2016’s copious book fair outfit photo set…and we start off with an awesome outfit immediately- a green tunic with a ruffled insert, worn with a blue zigzag-printed scarf listed by sunglasses to show hair.


This manteau has a leopard-like print on it, in blue and white, and is worn with a wide paisley scarf. The pattern mixing is looking very good!


Unfortunately, there is no full view of the outfit, but it looks like an open white cardigan worn over a black top, which means the black-and-white polka-dot printed scarf fits perfectly with it. Another cool detail for this cardigan is…..the pockets!


The outfit on the left is fairly conventional (black coat, jeans, sneakers, grey scarf), but the semi-transparent overlay coat on the right deserves a second look. Worn with a sheer light pink scarf, this black on beige coat is definitely amazing!


Worn with a pushed-back black snood, this burgundy manteau stands out because of its lovely, rich color.


Finally, here is a coat in one of my favorite shades of green – mint, still a rarity in manteau style. The skinny pants, flats, and the loosely wrapped turquoise scarf make this outfit super-classy.


More unique and amazing outfits from the book fair are coming – stay tuned!




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