Book Fair 2016 Continued…

I am glad that I had some time to myself, as I was dealing with a difficult family situation. As promised, I am now back to the blog. Here are more “book fair 2016” photos- this thing is truly epic! Check out this black and white polka dot manteau paired with a burgundy printed scarf – this is a very cool color combination.


A simple classic – beige manteau and pushed-back black snood- what more needs to be said?


Want to see more beige manteaus with black snoods at the book fair? Here is one on the left! On the right is a similarly classic outfit – black coat and light blue scarf.


The outfit is all-black except for the light pink scarf pushed up and backwards by sunglasses to show off blond hair. The coat does have a subtle pin-dot pattern on it, which makes it unique.


The navy manteau below has nicely embroidered cuffs and collar…and I like how the ilk scarf tied under the chin shows the neck and hair. The brown flat shoes do nto match the rest of the outfit but still work somehow.


And now for a couple really memorable outfits…here is a beautiful multi-colored tunic, worn with beige skinny pants, black sneakers, and a bright yellow scarf framing black hair beautifully…


…and the light blue open long cardigan, worn with black leggings and a pastel flower print scarf, is simply amazing.  The all-black outfit with the beige scarf on the right is nice too, of course, but the blue coat is something else entirely.


To finish this set off, marvel at the Burberry plaid printed trench coat worn with the diaphanous white scarf. Manteaus with this pattern are a rarity that I love!


This is STILL not the end of the book fair photos…a few more are coming!





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