The Last of the Book Fair Photos

Here it is… the last set of the 2016 book fair photos, containing some of the most inventive and interesting manteaus from the whole event. Take, for instance, this beautiful “half-and-half” coat (a style that became huge in 2015 and is staying strong in 2016) – multicolored printed top half with a rhinestone-encrusted denim bottom half. The pushed-back snood and beige flats with bows add a nice touch to the outfit.


This is another interesting coat because a) it is fully open without ANY closures and b) because of its red teardrop-shaped pattern. The yellow scarf does not match the coat but still looks good with it.


Black and white is always a classic, especially when it is a striped manteau- and of course, a white scarf showing off glossy black hair! Can you spot the black quilted bag the girl is carrying?


It’s only fitting to close out a set of book fair photos with a photo of a girl actually reading a book…while wearing an awesome manteau-  a beige satin tunic covered with what I can only describe as brown branch print. The green, red, and gold patterned cuffs of the coat add a regal touch to the outfit, and the scarf seems to be light pink with a grey print. So many colors can make an outfit look too busy, but this one seems to flow very well.




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