Twin Festival Manteaus

You’ve seen them in 2011...and 2012..and 2013two times even! After 2013, however, they disappeared for a few years…and in 2016, the twin festival has returned, as did the cool manteau styles. Note that in the first two photos in this set, the twins are kids, and the ladies wearing the manteaus are their moms. The lady below, in addition to her twin sons, has an older daughter wearing an adorable all-pink outfit and looks pretty good herself in her blue manteau with brown flower print, jeans, black boots, and a black scarf thrown over one shoulder. I can also see a bit of a beige manteau in the background.


Wow…the twin girls are looking so adorable in their sleeveless green dresses (lovely color!)…while their mom rocks a grey ikat scarf and a navy blue waterfall cardigan coat covered with pink polka dots.


And now let’s proceed to the actual twins wearing coats…in this case, they are beige camouflage-printed coats, which is a classic “urban combat style” item….


…while below, the twins are wearing blush pink satin coats and diaphanous scarves. I really like this shade of pink, as it looks so warm and gentle, and the coats look very modern



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