Mercedes Gathering Manteaus

This is a classic Northern event-  a gathering of owners of all kinds of Mercedes Benz cars. The luxuriousness of the cars implies that there will be gorgeous outfits on display as well…and rightly so! For example, the girl happily participating in the selfie below is wearing a beautiful white open manteau with a gathered waist. All the other accessories/clothing she wears (jeans, scarf showing off blond hair, and even her bag) are blue. The combination is elegant and gorgeous, as expected!


A girl in a fuchsia manteau is checking out a Mercedes car while wearing a graffiti-printed scarf…not sure where this scarf is from, but it looks nice in that “urban combat” kind of  way…


Finally, the Burberry print makes an appearance..but not on a scarf this time. Rather, it is worn as part of the girl’s black manteau, which goes well with her black, white, and red silk scarf. This is definitely a classic Northern selfie!




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