Way Cafe Styles

Way Cafe is a “mobile cafe” in North Tehran -a sky blue VW bus straight from the 1960s, offering coffee and other drinks to its customers. The following photo set shows some gorgeous fashions worn by Way Cafe customers. The tasseled flower-printed scarf below, showing blond curls, is definitely a fashion statement, as is the dolman-sleeved white coat.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 5X49È

Here’s a full view of that coat, and right away I notice the jeans cut above the ankle and the white shoes laced up at the ankles- this is  straight from the vintage 2004-05 manteau style! There is also a black coat with white lace on the hem, which is worn with white lace canvas shoes and a beige scarf pushed far back with sunglasses.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 1320C³+­A6”S9 1


This is a fairly typical denim manteau worn with a white scarf tucked behind the ears…nice style but not as glamorous, perhaps, as the others in the set.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 98X49ˆ¦

Here is yet another 2004-05 throwback style, with the skinny jeans rolled up just above the ankles. The blue coat has some appliques on the hem, but unfortunately, I can’t tell what they are, and the white scarf is tucked behind the ears just as in the previous style.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 1420C³+­A6”S9 1

Ahhhh…more 2004-05 nostalgia – look at that rattan bag! The rest of the outfit is modern though – turquoise coat with white print matching perfectly with white pants and scarf and turquoise shoes.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 2320C³+­AÖ	59 1

Finally, here are the best outfits of the set – black and white printed tunic on the left (with red scarf) and mint green striped tunic on the right (with paisley scarf). I just love how the thin diaphanous scarves accentuate the hair, but in terms of the coats, I prefer the mint green just because it’s one of my favorite colors.

کافه راه سیار پشت فولکس واگن قدیمی 3zX49





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