Styles from the Furniture Expo

The following set of photos comes from an expo dedicated to modern furniture. Of course, some of this furniture is a bit too excessive “Northern style”, with its brocade pillows and curved couches, but the outfits make up for that…especially the cool black manteau below with its asymmetrical hem, worn with black leggings, black and white sandals, and a beige scarf perched atop a beautifully coiffed tall hairstyle.


This black and white polka dot manteau is worn with a semi-diaphanous black scarf through which the woman’s highlighted hair is visible…love it!


Finally, the two outfits below exemplify casual manteau style- both involve longer tunics and baggier pants, yet the scarves still show lots of hair, and the coats are pretty cool- both the plaid black and white one on the left and the black asymmetrical hem one (worn with a zebra scarf- I love this print!) on the right.



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