Construction Expo Fashions

These styles come from an expo dedicated to all aspects of construction, from heavy machinery to interior design. The outfit below is the only one that is not fully visible, but the blue and white striped manteau looks very elegant and fits well with the soft blush pink scarf draped low around the woman’s black hair.


Walking past a display of heavy machinery, a woman wears an orange manteau with brown inserts on the sleeves. The manteau is worn with green pants and matching scarf and black sneakers. Surprisingly, the orange and green combination looks good here, most likely because the shade of green is more olive.


My favorite outfit of the expo is this one- mainly because the long beige coat reminds me of a beautiful sweater coat from Forever 21 that I own and enjoy wearing. The girl in this photo wears her cardigan with skinny black pants, grey sneakers, and a blue scarf draped low…and that is pretty much how I would wear it, with the scarf around my neck.




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