Nutella Bar Manteaus

The Nutella Bar is a new North Tehran cafe located on the super-trendy Andarzgoo Boulevard, about which I thought I had an article somewhere…however, I can’t find it anywhere now. (If I do find it, I will post a link). While I am sure the food served there is awesome, I myself have a tree nut allergy, which is very bad for some nuts (especially pecans) and slightly better for others (i.e. hazelnuts and almonds), so a place like that would be out of the question for me (there was a time when I used to eat Nutella almost every day, but eventually I developed skin rashes in reaction to hazelnuts…so that is that). Oh well… at least we have some cool fashions being exhibited at this cafe…for example, this classic student outfit (black coat, snood, and jeans) with a twist – a black-and-white striped ribbon belt.


This outfit is even cooler – a black-and-white striped manteau, skinny jeans, black and white sandals, and a black scarf draped ever so low. I hope the food in the cafe is as awesome as the outfits!



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