Super-Avant-Garde Painting Expo Outfits

Outfits from painting expos come frequently, but outfits from super-avant-garde painting expos are very rare, and it’s always a treat to see them. You can see from the black and white paintings below (and the fact that the guy is wearing his hair in a ponytail) that this is, indeed, one of these expos. The beige open manteau with 3/4-length sleeves, worn over a black long-sleeve top and green pants (matching the black sneakers and green scarf), adds to the cool underground vibe.


The paintings below are a bit less avant-garde and more classical impressionist style. The outfits are a bit more conventional too, although the black and white shoes worn with the plaid manteau have a punk rock feel to them. The rolled-up jeans look great too – really takes me back to the 2003-06 vintage manteaus….and of course, who can forget the sunglasses on the top of the girls’ heads, pushing the scarves back?


Yes, there is actually a”coat with skirt” outfit here on the left (white coat with patterned cuffs over a blue skirt, black opaque tights or leggings, and black boots). It’s so cool to see a skirt crop up onceĀ  in a while…I miss these styles. The bright asymmetric hem tunic worn with leggings on the right is quite cool too.


Finally, next to some sketches, is a very cool outfit- beige coat with blue panels on the front and blue flowered sleeves, worn with purple leggings and sneakers and a beige scarf. The color combination is quite unexpected…but it works…and the kid in the stroller is adorable!


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