Chocolate Expo Fashions: Open Scarves and Long Coats

For some reason, chocolate expos always provide photos of very beautiful avant-garde manteau styles- just check out this 2014 outfit, and I am not even mentioning the famous 2011 expo, which warranted 4 posts! The 2016 edition of the expo was no different, and interestingly enough, the set below has two things in common – open scarves with hair flowing out the back and front and long coats (below the knee and reaching just above the ankles) with or without slits on the sides. The first photo does not provide a full view of the beige coat but does show a grey patterned pashmina scarf which boasts a long blond ponytail flowing out the back.


Standing next to the booth of the Turkish chocolate manufacturer Aldiva, this girl also has a ponytail of brown hair flowing out the back of a black scarf. Her yellow manteau is long but has high slits showing off the girl’s black skinny pants and high-heeled shoes (possibly open-toed or cap-toed). The writing on the back of the yellow tunic is a great and defiant touch- I’d love to know what all of it actually says!


Finally, taking a photo at a booth belonging to Roozbeh Chocolate, a woman in a black scarf, through which blond hair partially flows, wears a beautiful turquoise satin long (just above the ankle) manteau without slits on the sides but boasting lovely red embroidery down the back and in the sleeves. The long coat looks wonderful with the jeans and black flat shoes. The only strange thing about this photo is….the gaudy purple and silver ferns.


I hope that everyone who went to this expo checked out the production – I bet it was delicious!


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