The Painting Exhibition Handshake

Last Saturday, three of the sites I use to bring the great manteau photos to this blog went down…well, not exactly. The sites are still up; however, there is something wrong with their server (I believe that they are all hosted on one server, as they have a similar layout), and the server times out whenever I try to connect. I can view the sites themselves through Google Translate, so I know what photo sets are appearing, but since photos are not translated, I cannot view them (or any graphics, for that matter). Luckily, since I know which photo galleries may interest me, I can connect to these sites via proxy servers – in fact, now I have experienced exactly what people in Iran experience when they try to access this blog or any other filtered sites! The experience is quite slow and annoying, and many of the proxy sites time out themselves when they try to connect to those servers. I truly hope the servers hosting the sites can be fixed soon. All the other sites where I find photos for the blog are running as usual – knock on wood!

This photo is from a site that is running (yay!) and involves a handshake between two women at a painting exhibition. On the right is a burnt orange manteau with black and white printed cuffs, worn with a blush pink scarf and a white long-sleeve top underneath…and on the left is what looks like a blue (or turquoise?) waterfall cardigan with black and red pockets worn with a beautiful black open scarf from which long black curls proudly flow – I love it!

افتتاح گالرى Ø¢ 42££_ITaÑ





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