Transparent Panels and an Open Scarf at Painting Exhibition

These photos are from a different painting exhibition than the one in the previous post. The paintings here mostly showcase large objects such as a crashed boat in the first photo or a rhinoceros sitting on the remnants of an old airplane in the third photo. While this style of art is not my thing, the outfits featured here are absolutely gorgeous! The black manteau below has very cool transparent panels flaring out from the hem, which makes the coat memorable and romantic. Plus, it is worn with skinny grey jeans (instead of the usual blue or black) and…yes…black open-toed boots! I have to say that the latter fashion item has always been a mystery to me – boots are generally worn when it’s cold, while open-toed shoes are meant for warm weather…to me, the open-toed boots have always been the stuff of music videos/fashion photo shoots. I am surprised to see a real-life person wear them, and they do look great (I myself would not wear them, though).


Here’s a nice close-up of the above outfit – I love the way the beige scarf flows loosely to show off the girl’s jet-black hair- she is awesome! P.S. Can you spot the Zoroastrian symbol on the white vest a guy is wearing in the background?


Finally, this stunning outfit involves a long open white manteau with red appliques on the hem, black skinny jeans, beige open-toed shoes, and a blue printed scarf through the front, back, and sides of which long red hair proudly flows!  I am really loving this- this is modern manteau style, always evolving and adopting new elements yet still true to the basics of what makes it turn heads!




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