Flower Expo Stunning Styles – Part I

Flower expos are ALWAYS full of exciting and awesome manteau fashions. The most recent one was so full that I have had to split the outfits from it into two posts! First, let’s get some selfies out of the way, shall we? Here’s one in a light turquoise/blue manteau and a grey scarf pushed back behind the ears to show hair…


….then there’s what looks like student outfits (black manteau with black pants and beige manteau with jeans and black long-sleeve top underneath and… of course… the pushed-back snoods)  in a selfie next to some red flowers…


…and finally, a selfie in a stylish denim manteau (with a very subtle flower print) and a black scarf showing off auburn glossy hair.


Now that we’ve got the selfies out of the way, let’s look at a couple regular photos. The outfits here are somewhat conventional (brown and grey and black plaid manteaus), but the scarves are psuhed0back nicely, especially the brown scarf on the beautiful blond girl wearing the brown coat.


The print on this coat looks like a cross between ikat and rhombus in red and white, yet the sleeves are grey (matching the scarf) and the pants are white. The flat shoes are patterned, but it’s hard to see what the pattern is. In any case, this is one cool outfit!


Part II is coming soon!


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