Flower Expo Stunning Styles – Part II

Here is the rest of the photos from the flower expo referenced in the previous post. The combination of brown coat (with blue flower print) and yellow pants is certainly an interesting one that I have never seen before….but it does work (the blue flower-printed scarf helps). The girl’s all-azure outfit is awesome..I have just one question about it: is that the girl from Frozen on her top???


Another cool outfit is pictured below – brown coat with white embroidery on the sleeves and neck, worn with beige pants, black scarf swept back by dark hair, and black sandals.


This flower expo does not just feature flowers. An assortment of cacti is shown below and the woman in the beautiful coral manteau and blue and red pashmina is examining them..but seems to be not so amused.


Here is one of my favorite coats from the expo. I have never seen one like this before – it looks like it’s covered with squares made from black leather but the lining seems to be flower-print.


I have saved the best for last…yes, this appears to be a “coat with skirt”! The below-the-knee black manteau is worn with a loosely draped green, brown, and blue pashmina, a quilted bag and…. a long beige skirt. I am not sure why the blue sneakers are worn with it though…that one detail does not really fit the style.



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