Two Handicraft Market Outfits

I wasn’t able to post for a couple days because my Internet connection was on and off…it seems to be okay right now, luckily. The two outfits below are from a handicraft market which is not located in North Tehran, as the outfits would have you believe. Rather, it is located in the downtown Tehran neighborhood of Oudlajan, which is one of those neighborhoods that was luxurious in the past but became neglected over time and is now undergoing “revitalization” – hence,  the opening of a new handicraft market. Below, a lady in a black manteau, white pants, and black and white silk scarf tied under the chin but still showing hair is checking out some leather purses. The manteau has interesting stitching detailing around the neckline and on the sleeve cuffs – I do not think I have ever seen any other coat with this kind of detailing.


Below, a woman in a grey tweed-style coat and black snood worn pushed back (showing off some very heavy Northern-style make-up) is checking out some amazing hand-painted turquoise vases. I’d love to have a vase or a plate like the ones in this photo…..and the paisley-printed rugs look great too!


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