“Half and Half” Coat and Rifle at the Maritime Expo

A few years ago, I was searching for a picture of a girl in manteau style with a rifle to illustrate an article, and it took me so long to find it…then, a year later, I found another picture of the same thing, so now, at least, I would have a choice of 2 photos if I ever had to illustrate another article about girls at shooting ranges again. Now, I have a third option with this photo of a girl shooting a rifle at, strangely enough, a maritime industry exhibition from the flashy resort of Kish Island. Maybe the rifle is there because this is a booth hosted by the navy…I am not sure. The manteau is that classic “half and half” style that still keeps going strong in 2016 without stopping – beautiful tile work print on top, light blue on the bottom- and is worn with a blue silk scarf that may also be a “snood in scarf style” (i.e. a scarf already sewn up on the neck to form a snood-like shape…aka eternity scarf/circle scarf).



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