Fish Print Coat at Painting Exhibiton

Most object-printed coats I have posted over the years were the typical flower print. Leopard and chain prints followed closely behind, and occasionally, some obscure print, such as leaf, zebra, or tiger, would appear. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever guess that a white coat with a FISH…yes, FISH print…would appear on this blog – yet, here it is below, being worn at a painting exhibition (very cool paintings, by the way). The coat is paired with black pants and scarf, which is worn open with gorgeous long golden hair flowing out the front and back so proudly. There is also an interesting yellow manteau in the background, but it is partially obscured, so I cannot comment on it further.

افتتاحیه نمایشگاه نقش مهر در آرت سنتر 75ANí+xý


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