The Dust Masks’ Autumn Return

For the third time now, a sand storm from Ahvaz triggers a set of dust mask photos...and the fashion is staying strong, as before! In one case, a tissue and a pushed-back snood are used as a creative dust mask….while the navy blue manteau and the lilac-tinged sunglasses are a nod to fashion.


An even more fashionable way to go through the storm is wearing a white manteau and a G-printed beige scarf that is worn open. The wind is blowing the coat hem around a bit.


Finally, here are two stylish outfits involving a black snood and a grey scarf- one manteau is black with an embossed print and the other appears to have black and flower-printed panels. I think the woman in the embossed coat is carrying some presents..I wonder what they are.



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