Media Expo Outfits – 2016 Edition

I’ve been really busy….finally got some time to post! The last few years, there have been some really awesome media expo outfits (before, it was an expo where stylish outfits were disparaged and/or never shown). This year, I think there has been a record set for the number of awesome outfits….just check out a few, like this short black and white plaid coat for example! The black scarf is pushed back, and the sneakers it is worn with are a cool shade of blue. As for that guy wearing green paint – there were lots of painted “sculptures” at this expo; in fact, there will be a whole post dedicated to them.


I am really enjoying this light pink quilted leather coat and the beautiful pastel silk scarf tied low – so sophisticated!


This red dress manteau is worn with black leggings (or tights?)….and curiously enough, a black jacket and olive green scarf framing around dark hair….interesting combination.


A simple black coat has colorful flower embroidery on the sleeves to make it noticed.


..and here is more interesting color combinations – denim coat worn over a red sweater and a green scarf tucked behind the ears to show auburn hair.


There are 2 more posts coming with even more interesting outfits from the media expo!


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