Sculptures and Outfits at the Media Expo

It began with silver-coated “human sculptures” that started to appear at various expos sometime in 2015, although the first good photo with them I found was earlier in the summer of 2016.  As 2016 is ending, the trend shows no signs of abating. Some of the sculptures are definitely painted men, while others are definitely sculptures. The media expo from which I’ve been posting boasted an impressive array of various sculptures, both human and not-so-human,..and impressive outfits worn with them too!

First, here is a bronze-painted, red mantle-wearing “king” next to a lady in a subdued navy blue manteau and pushed-back black snood – it looks like the classical student outfit.



Next up is a woman crouching near some sculptures painted white…now, these are truly hard to classify – are they people or sculptures? Even more astounding is that the denim coat with white flowers is worn with…denim overalls! This marks the first time I’ve seen overalls used in manteau style. Love the red pushed-back scarf colorful flower-printed backpack!


A gorgeous close-up of a green-eyed beauty with a classical Northern accessory  – the nose bandage – is complemented with a muscular silver sculpture. Yet another first – a black snood with Persian calligraphy print- I have only seen scarves and coats with this print before. It goes well with the beige manteau (looks like corduroy fabric).


The girl in the brown sleeveless plaid manteau worn with a brown long-sleeve top and a brown scarf framing her dark hair does not look too thrilled sitting down next to some “mud men” – not sure what they mean and whether they are sculptures or people…


Another silver man poses with two girls in pushed-back snoods – one in classic all-black (though a bit of a red top can be seen peeking out underneath) and the other in a stylish black-and-white polka dot coat.


Finally, a dash of hip-hop style – YES!- with a corn-row hairstyle and a HUGE green-and-black printed scarf over a black coat, and a military man sculpture in the background…a nice way to close out the set!


Only two more photos from the media expo remain, but they are probably the best ones, so stay tuned!


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