Four Best Media Expo Outfits

There are two photos here…but each has two outfits. Funnily enough, all involve the humble black snood worn pushed back. However, the coats are quite diverse, ranging from olive green (worn with black skinny pants tucked into awesome tall boots with buckles) to grey and black striped…


…and from simple beige to beige with brightly colored striped pockets and 3/4 length sleeves (showing the black long-sleeve top underneath). I love how the red hair ribbon and the orange sneakers match the multicolored stripes so well!



2 thoughts on “Four Best Media Expo Outfits

  1. […] The 2017 trend of beige manteaus with colorful, contrasting pockets that appeared in this post continues unabated. Below is a coat with striped pockets worn in a selfie with a mustached man near a beautiful palace. ..and with a yellow scarf and brown hiking boots. In fact, now that I look at it, it is identical to this coat from 2016! […]

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