Smog Masks Appear – from Half-and-Half to Burgundy

The smog masks have appeared once again…sadly. However, the outfits worn with them are simply gorgeous…for instance, the black, white, and gold half-and-half coat below (and that awesome pushed-back snood)…I just love it!


Dark red (with paisley applique) and burgundy manteaus are prominent in this photo, taken on a pedestrian bridge. The burgundy coat is my favorite of the two, and it is the one worn with the actual smog mask.


More paisley appears, this time on a navy blue scarf that matches the coat perfectly…but no smog mask in this photo!


The brunette in the beige coat and black pushed-back scarf chooses to wear a smog mask, while the girl in the black coat, glasses, and a grey scarf loosely draped around her red hair doesn’t. I can never understand how some people seem to tolerate the smog while others wrap their faces up with scarves and masks every time…


The cool thing about this black trench coat is how shiny it is…and the pink semi-diaphanous scarf looks pretty cool with it.


Finally, here comes a lovely redhead in a pushed-back navy blue scarf and a black puffy jacket…and a smog mask. Her expression is incredible – it sounds like she is saying “WTF????”. Very lively and funny photo!



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