Smog Mask Bonanza

Yes, this is a whole set dedicated to smog mask close-ups…of course, you can see some of the outfits, and they are great…for example, this grey camouflage coat worn with a multicolored paisley scarf is classical “urban combat” style at its finest!


Many of the photos in this set involve large black snoods worn pushed-back, possibly because these happen to be student outfits…in this case, the snood is worn with a brown coat that may be corduroy or velour and rose-tinted sunglasses.


A classic all-black outfit on the right does not involve a smog mask…but a grey and black sweater with a Fair Isle-style pattern worn over a black manteau does…I am not sure why. The latter outfit involves a snood too and is definitely a student outfit (just check out the backpack).


A big open-weave fuchsia scarf worn like a shawl over the black coat makes this student outfit bright and memorable (as does the lovely red-streaked hair).


I like this color combination- beige open coat over a dark green top and an olive greenish-grey scarf framing curly hair…also check out the awesome blue nail polish!


These may be humble student outfits, but the green eyes of the beauty on the left are amazing! The dark red hair of the beauty on the right is pretty awesome too.


A pinstriped grey coat, looking like something out of 2006-07, is last in this set and is also most likely part of a student outfit….and looks great!




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