Winter is Here!

..and so are many cool winter manteau styles (which make the snow and cold just a bit more tolerable)!

On a playground in a park, snow is flying around a leather coat paired with leggings (I hope they’re warm!) and tall leather boots (and a pushed-back scarf) …


Hello, umbrella statue – we meet again! This time, it is shielding a girl in a white quilted parka manteau with the hood up, jeans, and black boots.


This beautiful green color is always so nice to see…especially on this cool manteau with a flared-out hem (worn with a black and white plaid scarf draped loosely around the face and hair).

برف پاییزی در تهران 14

The next two coats are in the middle of a blizzard and are both grey and worn with black leggings (or skinny pants?) and black boots. This one is worn with a mustard yellow scarf though (that the woman is pulling up over her face due to the wind)…


..while this girl wears a light blue puffy jacket and a snood with the coat (and her red hair looks great)…this is the classical winter (in all its slushy goodness) manteau style, sacrificing esthetics for comfort and warmth.


The black parka coat is pretty regular, but it appears to me as if the multicolored scarf is worn so far back that it may even be worn on the shoulders…is it? Even if it isn’t, I commend this woman for holding her partner’s hand proudly! Also, I like the boots (grey top, black bottom) -looks like the grey part is made of tweed which is pretty daring for winter boots.


I have a few more winter photos, which I will post in the upcoming week.


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