Low-Key Book Fair Outfits

These photos come from a book fair but not the one from the spring that yielded so many awesome outfits – a more low-key one in a smaller city (Shiraz)….yet, the outfits are excellent! The black parka manteau with the furry collar looks very stylish with the black scarf with the thin gold edging, draped low to show auburn hair. Looks like the woman’s companion is buying some books about vegetarianism – I wonder if she is also  interested in this.


The other two outfits from this book fair are both examples of how non-matching pieces can work together very well. Here, the black coat with 3/4-length sleeves is worn with a beige sweater and a multicolored, flower-printed scarf, and yet it all looks great together.


This outfit is even more colorful, with a yellow trench coat worn over a pink sweater and a navy blue scarf framing dark hair. In this case, though, I’d prefer a dark (black or navy blue) sweater instead of the bright pink.



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