A Few More Snowy Day Shots

As promised, here are a few more great shots of winter manteau style on a snowy day. This selfie in a classical North Tehran square boasts disparate footwear (from sneakers to tall boots..although the girl wearing sneakers wears a parka, so perhaps the two things compensate for each other) and a cool argyle-patterned black and beige scarf.


The parka manteaus are quite common for snowy days, and it is no surprise that the next two photos also feature them. This girl is laughing in a park in an olive green parka worn open over a black coat, jeans, and black boots. I wonder what is so funny….


Finally, here is a selfie involving a big group and a snowman, but there is only one girl in the whole group…and her navy blue parka manteau is worn with the hood up yet still showing hair (awesome!). The funky tall rainbow-striped boots are pretty amazing and are a first on the blog.




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