Resistance is Futile!

These photos come from an exhibition called “resistance art”, which is a code word  that suggests highly militaristic and possibly anti-democratic art. However, instead, we have a classic- the outfits worn at this exhibition are the antithesis of everything that such art supports, thus proudly proclaiming: resistance to manteau style is indeed futile!


This beautiful cobalt blue manteau with embroidered edging and loosely draped matching scarf are definitely resisting something…but not what the exhibit organizers hoped!


The parka manteau is complemented by a knit scarf that shows off almost all’s that for resisting? Also, interestingly enough, there is a “Persian Gulf” on the painting shown…I wonder why that would be there.


Finally, a pink jacket over a black coat and a turquoise scarf bring cheerfulness to an exhibition that refuses it…and I love it!




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