Random Fall and Winter Close-Ups

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those posts of nothing but random close-ups….and here it is! Cornrow hairstyles worn with manteaus are one of my personal favorites, since the merging of two of my favorite fashions – hip-hop-inspired and manteau style – is very meaningful to me. Add to this the brown fur-collared coat, and you have one awesome outfit (the pink and white tie-dyed scarf is not bad either).


The scarf worn in this close-up is very similar in its flowery pattern to the famous fringy scarves of vintage 2005-06 style. Since it is tucked into the neck of the beautiful beige hooded manteau, I cannot tell for sure whether that is so.


Want more hooded manteaus? Check out this red one, worn with two scarves, a black one on top and a brown one on the bottom- yet, both are showing off hair beautifully! Of course, this is 2016, so a selfie must be present somewhere!


Finally, here are close-ups of classical winter ensembles – on the left, a white jacket with the hood up and a beautiful houndstooth wool scarf (in brown, black,and beige) showing off some hair…and on the right, the classical rebellious combination- the “hat as scarf” worn with a black coat with furry cuffs and collar! Not to mention I have a striped hat like this….love it!




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