More Cool Fashions from the Contemporary Art Expo

Unlike in the previous post, the art here is contemporary – it’s edgy and somewhat strange, as you can see from the black and white abstract paintings below. The fashions are somewhat more classic though – this is an all-black outfit involving leggings, a pushed-back scarf, and ankle boots. The coat,however, is more shiny than the typical manteau.


I can’t see much of the beige manteau in this photo, but the blue, red, and white printed scarf, tied low to show red hair, is definitely similar to a canvas with blotches of bright colors- a great contrast to the black and white sketches behind the girl.


Finally, the deep red (almost burgundy- perhaps, this is that famous oxblood color?) coat is paired with a giant beige scarf – one of the biggest I’ve seen. Despite being so  big, the scarf still shows off hair in the front. I am not sure about the “jeans and white socks with black shoes” combination though…




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