Fruit (and Spice) Shopping

This is an interesting set, dedicated to shoppers at a fruit market (and one photo from a spice store)….the woman below has platinum blond hair showing from her navy scarf and wears a clear plastic glove to pick up her oranges (good idea!). The classic black trench coat and sneakers complete this outfit.


This is the only spice store photo in the set, and as this is winter, parkas are prominent, in olive green on the red-haired lady and in navy blue (with a huge black fur-trimmed collar) on the other lady (I can’t quite tell what her hair color is). The latter also wears black leggings and stylish ankle boots.


Cold winter weather leads to all sorts of innovations, including wrapping a thick wool scarf over the mouth. Note that the black and white scarf still shows off the hairstyle – excellent! The leather quilted coat must be so warm….


Another fur-trimmed parka, this time in gorgeous sky blue, is worn with a fuzzy pink cowl-neck sweater and a black snood (pushed-back, of course). I love the metallic belt on the parka, as it reminds me of a sky-blue belted tunic I had once upon a time.


Finally, fruit shopping comes to its fashion apex with the two awesome manteaus – long burgundy on the left and classic green trench coat on the right. The latter is part of an awesome outfit- black skinny pants, high-heeled ankle boots, and a scarf thrown over the shoulders looks incredible!



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