Snowman Festival Styles

Wintertime means snowmen, and these outfits from a festival dedicated to building them represent the best of winter manteau fashions. The first outfit in the set is actually the most conventional -a dark beige (could this be called camel-colored?) coat with big round buttons and a snood tucked into the neck, black pants, sneakers (in the snow?), and a professional-looking camera.


Now here is something more interesting (flanked by two adorable kids too!)….the beige trench coat has gorgeous gold buckles on the sleeves (matching the saffron-colored pashmina scarf around the highlighted hair) and the boots of choice are very hip-hop-inspired Timberland-ish boots….I really love this!


Now for the best outfit of the set….featuring a coat in my beloved black and white houndstooth pattern paired with a burgundy scarf (it looks like there may be some pearls on the scarf) and black pants. This is is a personal favorite also because I just got a burgundy and black houndstooth scarf as a Christmas present..and I can combine it with my own black-and-white houndstooth tunic for a spectacular outfit. I just wish this photo was a front view, not a side one..



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