Smog Masks Crop Up Again

Yet another smog mask set is here…sadly, I am not done with smog mask photos. There is still one more set for 2016 to go, and I even have 2017 ones coming later. Luckily, there are only 2 of the 2017 ones (and they are not even from Tehran), and I hope it will stay this way for a while! Anyway, as to this particular set, here is a personal favorite – a black manteau with Burberry plaid cuffs and lining! The coat is worn open over a navy blue tunic and jeans and looks awesome juxtaposed with the “urban combat”-style graffiti-decorated wall.


Another interesting color combination is worn on a pedestrian bridge: both shades are somewhat obscure. The coat is a deep hunter green, while the loosely draped pashmina scarf is burnt orange. The turquoise sneakers are a nice touch as they are a shade between the light blue jeans and the dark green coat.


Yes, that is a black poncho manteau on the left – nice to see they are still around! Looks like the poncho is trimmed with red around the edges, too.The grey, black, and red plaid coat on the right is pretty amazing as well, if only because of its huge furry collar (and I love her indie manteau style staple, the carpet-style bag).


Finally, here is a classic all-black outfit (with a smog mask) against one of those iconic backgrounds- in this case, a blue and white metal fence.



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