Last 2016 Smog Mask Set

I am very happy that this is the last smog mask set for 2016 that I have…and the first photo of this set happens to be the only one without any smog masks in it..Rather, a thick scarf that is partially pulled up to the mouth replaces the mask, while an olive green parka coat with a furry collar is worn over a red and white argyle sweater…looks warm and fashionable!


More parka coats, this time in black and grey, are featured below, and the black one is actually worn with a smog mask. The light grey snood is quite a rarity, and it’s cool to see it.



I do like how this outfit combines green and purple (bright green puffy jacket over a purple printed tunic)..and there’s a beige or white turtleneck sweater there too, plus a heavy-duty smog mask.


Yes, I left the best outfits for last…scarves pushed back using sunglasses to show red hair, MP3 player dangling out of a smog mask, beige manteaus, an orange and brown knit scarf….it’s all amazing…but my personal favorite is the outfit on the left simply because of a) the puffy black fur-hooded vest and b) that beige knotted knit scarf….it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, and it is very cool!



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