Christmas Shopping 2016 – Part I

Yes, I know it’s three weeks since Christmas already…but that is how long it’s taken me to get through all the photos, and I am busy with work and family stuff too, so I can’t post every day. This is the first part of some cool outfits worn for Christmas shopping…For example, here’s a cool dark green, burgundy, and beige sweater coat worn with a black snood pushed back to show black hair. The girl’s polka dot coat is pretty cool too.


It’s never a bad time for a selfie, including next to a big Santa Claus, while wearing a black coat with a festive red scarf (on the left) and a grey fur-hooded parka (on the right)…


Another grey parka coat shows up here, worn open over a red long-sleeve top and paired with a beautiful open black scarf through which gorgeous blond curls flow- I love it!


This all-beige ensemble, including a knit scarf and an open coat over a sweater, looks gold in the storefront light…


My favorite outfits of the set are these two coats – the classic beige trench coat with plaid cuffs and the open sweater coat in light brown. I own both styles- that’s why I love it!


Part II is coming later this week..


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