Two More Smog Masks, a Poncho, and a Red Trench Coat

I believe this post marks the end of the smog mask photos from 2016…with two very cool outfits. Usually, I post photos of poncho manteaus- what is more rare is a photo of an actual short poncho worn over a longer coat, but in this case, that is exactly what we have. The fringed poncho is a light grey and is worn over a beige coat and pants with a light orange scarf. The fur-lined, wedge-heeled boots are a personal favorite- warm and stylish the same time!

تهران همچنان آلوده است 38]f2@iR;

This is a more classical look – a red trench coat, worn unbuttoned over an olive green tunic…and yes, it is worn with nothing matching – black skinny pants, pink scarf, and dark navy blue (or grey?) sneakers with pink edging..but the outfit works well. Also, it appears there are burgundy finger-less gloves involved here..or is this just me?

تهران همچنان آلوده است 41]f2@iR;



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