Christmas Tree Selfies 2016

I still have a few 2016 photos to post here and there, but this set marks the end of the bulk of the 2016 photos. Over the past year, I have been thinking whether this blog was really needed nowadays…but recent events have shown to me that, yes, it still is needed….in fact, now more than it has been in YEARS. I am committed to providing these shining examples of fashion with a strong message, and I will not stop until the need for this message is no longer present, which, unfortunately, seems to be a long way off.

That said, here are a few cool selfies with Christmas trees from 2016…like this one with a grey and black plaid wool trench coat and a cool patterned scarf..


…and another one involving a plaid grey and white coat and a cool scarf with black, red, and green Fair Isle-like motifs on the left and a grey open cardigan in what is called a “marled” fabric on the right…


Full length view of the marled cardigan shows that it is worn with a top made from a similar material, jeans but above the ankle, and sneakers..and a beige scarf that shows off lots of hair.


And really, what would a winter set be (especially this year) without a fur-hooded parka? Especially one worn with a huge red fuzzy hat (no scarves in sight for this outfit)? I love it! I love the red and black manteau and scarf ensemble on the left too.


Now it’s time for the 2017 photos to come on..and yes, it hasn’t been a full month of this year, but I already have quite a few! Stay tuned…


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