Winter 2017 New Smog Mask Set

I wish these outfits were worn in a better context, as nice as they are..unfortunately, these are worn on a smoggy day- hence the masks.  Below is a winter classic – a tweed grey coat with a black furry collar (looks like sheepskin) worn with a patterned navy scarf and, of course, the mask…



…or here is another winter classic- a puffy parka coat, this one is shiny silver, worn with jeans, a black scarf pushed back and…a smog mask yet again.


Finally, here are three outfits, although only the woman in a blue plaid wool coat and beige open-weave scarf is actually wearing a mask. From the other two outfits, I love the open scarf on the woman in the grey coat in the middle, through which auburn hair flows, and the beautiful black, yellow, and white checkered pattern on the short manteau on the left. Strangely enough, the latter woman looks like Taylor Swift…anyone see the resemblance? Perhaps, it is the way her bright pink and black patterned scarf frames her short blond hair….in any case, I find her outfit and style the most interesting and closest to my own.



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