Parkas and Selfies in the Snow

Winter weather brings out the parka manteaus in all their glory…from a simple beige coat worn with a flowery umbrella, grey scarf, and brown thick-soled boots (note the cool billboard for Artin Raya travel agency on the wall)…


…to a stunning burgundy short parka with a hood lined with beautiful soft white fur and worn with a silk scarf tied low to show off dark hair and beautifully shaped eyebrows…


…and to a classic fur-hooded brown parka worn in heavier snow than the two precious outfits.


Now for the selfies…this is a first for the blog – a snowman constructed on the back bumper of a car. I think that deserves a selfie, don’t you? Both women wear black coats, although the one on the left is more parka-like and the one on the right is a typical trench coat, and scarves (red and beige, respectively) that show off lots of hair.


Finally, here’s a selfie involving 4 girls in winter coats – some in parkas with furry hoods or furry scarves on top of the coat, others in fabric coats (like the black and white manteau with the striped inserts on the right), but all looking awesome!



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