Sophisticated Book Signing Styles

I am not sure what the book is about, but similarly to all the art exhibits posted here, such events usually bring out the best – the most inventive and sophisticated- in manteau fashions. The style below is exactly that – a glamorous beige trench coat, black skinny pants, black boots, and a red and green patterned scarf from which dark brown curls flow so beautifully. The large burgundy leather bag is quite exquisite as well.


It’s only the second time that I have seen a beret worn with a manteau (first time being all the way back in 2012) and the first time it has been a knit, rather than a leather, beret. Regardless, the look of a beret worn over a patterned scarf with some dark hair (is it just me or is her hair tinted slightly blue?) is very stylish, and the olive jacket worn over a black coat adds that “urban combat” glamour to the otufit.



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