Interesting Paintings…and Outfits

I am not sure what kind of paintings are exhibited here…they look contemporary, especially the one with the foot kicking a building below. The clothing styles at this exhibition are just as interesting…perhaps even better than the paintings! This beige parka with the fur-edged hood is worn with black leggings and platform-heeled ankle boots, which is very stylish and cool! The only thing I cannot full discern is her scarf color.


This woman takes a selfie in a blue manteau and black and white printed scarf framing her dark hair next to a painting that is trying to make some kind of religious statement…a wooden figure crucified on a cross? This is definitely the strangest of all the paintings I have posted here.


Behind another strange painting of what looks like many workers pulling something, a woman reads a brochure in a red printed manteau that is most likely being worn as a dress over grey leggings. The blue scarf frames hair hair (aided by the sunglasses pushing it back) very well. I hope she can get a clarification on all those strange paintings from the brochure.



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