Contemporary Art Expo Fashions – from Ponchos to Skirts

A contemporary art exhibition has yielded some of the best outfits of the year so far….first, here’s a more conventional beige manteau worn with a faded red scarf draped low and a thin black headband..


…then it’s time for a plaid poncho- this one is different from most of the other ponchos posted here in that it is not a poncho-style manteau but rather an actual poncho worn over a black manteau. Both the plaid poncho and the black coat next to it are worn with beige scarves tucked behind the ears to show off hair.


..and finally, here’s a coat with skirt (grey skirt with black coat) thrown in for good measure. Wearing this skirt with tall boots and an open scarf through which long blond hair flows makes for an awesome combination, and it’s always nice to see coats with skirts, as this style is still so rare!





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