In Style in Dust Masks

Dust storms do not prevent these women from looking super-fashionable and even inventing some new styles along the way. As usual, the dust storm photos are from Ahvaz (go here to see three more sets of fashions from sandstorms in Ahvaz) and show that the city continues to maintain its fashion reputation very well!

Here, the little girl in the lovely pink Adidas hoodie uses a mask while her mom in a navy blue coat and matching scarf uses the edges of her scarf (tied under the chin but still showing light brown hair) for the same purpose. However, the woman in the grey and white ensemble behind them does not use any masks at all!


Even tissues become masks on a dusty day…and the outfit on this girl still looks awesome  -a light blue coat and pushed-back black snood…


….as well as this classical all-black outfit, involving a snood being used as a dust mask, leggings, and beige moccasin-style shoes.


In a sand storm, the children are the ones who are most vulnerable, and in this case, the little girl is hidden beneath the white and black scarf of her mother. Now I know why the little girl is so stylish in her white and pink knit outfit – the mom is rocking a very nice ensemble of an orange coat (note the sleeve-regulating straps), beige pants, and brown flat shoes.


This looks like a work outfit (uniform?) with the briefcase and the snood- to protect from the dust, though, a tissue mask and gloves have been deployed.


Not sure who the bust is supposed to be, but he’s been masked! As for the outfit, it’s also a classical all-black coat with a snood showing blond hair.Nice to see the octagon on the bust- love it!


This is the most extreme and the funniest solution to the sandstorm! Note that the snood covers the face, but the HAIR REMAINS VISIBLE! The black manteau with the fur collar is super-stylish and my personal favorite, of course, because of the fur…


…as is the leopard-print trench coat on this woman. At least, she just wears a simple classical mask rather than use her snood or scarf (yes, she is wearing BOTH and still showing lots of hair) to cover her face.







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