Cafe Festival Styles

Cafes are an integral part of “Northern life”, as so many articles on the blog show…however, this is the first time I have seen photos from a cafe festival. Apparently, this is like a mini-expo of sorts, in which cafes showcase their goods in small displays. For example, the display below showcases some amazing yummy cakes from a cafe….delicious! It also showcases a very cool yellow manteau with lace-trimmed pockets, the first such coat I have ever seen. It is worn with a self-striped yellow sweater and a scarf in orange, yellow, grey, navy blue, and green color-block pattern.


Here you can see the insides of a small booth at the cafe festival…the booth is a small-scale recreation of the actual cafe’s ambiance- pretty cool! I also love the marled grey coat the woman at the trance is wearing – this is only the second time I have seen a manteau made from this fabric, which became very popular all over the world in 2016 (I have a marled grey “leggings and crop top” set myself), and the first time was only a few weeks ago. The rest of the outfit matches the coat well – jeans, blue rhombus-printed scarf, and black shoes.



One thought on “Cafe Festival Styles

  1. […] at a glamorous North Tehran cafe. The outfits are just as cutting-edge- both coats are marled grey, which seems to be one of the hottest shades and fabrics of 2017. Of course, the scarves are -pushed back to show off beautiful hair and, in the case of the girl on […]

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